Technology Opportunities

Attendees use the latest technologies to connect at the annual meeting. Choose an opportunity that puts your brand directly into attendees’ hands; through sponsorships such as WiFi and our Mobile App.

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Mobile App - SOLD

Strategically place your corporate logo on our mobile application, downloaded and used by over 80% of meeting attendees! Your company logo or advertisement will appear as an initial splash page when attendees open the app, and your company will be listed at the top of the exhibitor section on the app. This sponsor will also be listed on our web page and signage at the meeting.

$10,000.00 August 2019

Mobile App Banner Ad
Highlight your company and build brand awareness on our meeting mobile application, with a sponsored banner that rotates throughout the app.


August 2019
Mobile App Push Notification

Send a personalized message to meeting attendees through the notification feature of our app, inviting them to your booth or promoting your product.

Virtual Meeting Bag

The online attendee meeting bag will provide your company access to attendees before, during, and after the Meeting. Just like a physical meeting bag, the virtual bag will contain save-the-dates, sponsor related messages, and promotional materials that attendees can access weeks before the meeting, and for a month following. As a sponsor of this web-based platform, you'll be able to brand the background and include one-two inserts of your choice. Download data will be provided after the meeting.

 $5,000.00 August 2019
Virtual Meeting Bag Insert

A virtual meeting bag insert allows all attendees access to sponsor-related messaging weeks prior to, and up to one month after, the meeting.  Promote your company brand, exhibit booth, or information on educational offerings.  Reports on how many attendees clicked on your insert will be provided once the bag is closed.

 $2,000.00 August 2019
Charging Station

Mobile device charging stations are some of the most exciting services in the event industry today. A station that charges mobile devices quickly and will conveniently be available to meeting attendees from a high-traffic area in the meeting space.

 $5,000.00 per stations  
Meeting Space WiFi

Every time an attendee accesses the WiFi within the meeting space your logo will appear on the splash page.